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Real estate, tech and business development

I’m Cherrey Mae and I help organizations achieve breakthroughs and milestones by improving employee engagement, increasing team performance and productivity,  and winning stakeholder collaboration. 

I operate with intuition, empathy and hard data to increase the success rate of every project I work on. I find it necessary to wear different hats in making decisions and driving value exponentially. 


I want to connect with business owners and leaders who are more than willing to assert change in their organizations. If winning customers and winning employees while achieving business objectives resonate with you – let’s collaborate!


BS Business Administration

Bachelor's Degree graduate (2019), Major in General Business Management

BS Information Technology

BS Real estate management

Driving impact & results

I understand that the best results are carried out by the right people with the right attitude.

Co-Board / VP Enterprise Resource Planning


I led the operations of high-stakes departments: human resource, sales, and marketing; as well as with branding and training. I geared for a positive working culture with a high level of employee morale and engagement. With carefully crafted strategies, people-centric leadership, and follow-through, we managed to close the year with a record-high sales performance.  We achieved an exponential growth of 50 percent amid the pandemic while still keeping a stringent onboarding process.

Project Lotus Program Coordinator

In 2018, I facilitated a program tasked to build a community of millennial agents aged 20 to 35 years old and produce new sales as a separate segment. We were able to surpass sales of other branches with a significant difference of 50 percent.

Digital Marketing Trainer


Using my background in Information Technology, I spearheaded a digital training program in 2015 for selected new and tenure agents, aged 20 to 65 years old in an effort to help the company increase sales and revenue. In that period, I managed to increase the company’s sales output, closing with 65 percent share of the total company sales.

Core Competencies

These skillsets and competencies will bring value to your organization and meet your business needs.

Vendor Management

Provided B2B collaboration with real estate developers, helping streamline project inventories to sales agents and plan R&R program to boost sales engagement.

Sales & Marketing

Built information streams to expand portfolio and product offerings; created company-centric and agent-centric sales funnel; established continuous sales team engagement and marketing activities.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Created hiring and recruitment strategies to attract and select high-value salesforce to form rockstar sales teams, checking culture-fit when necessary; created efficient onboarding initiatives to groom rockstar agents with the right motivation and mindset for success.

Digital Marketing

Created corporate digital initiatives, segregating channels to position industry expertise to B2B audience; and to engage current talents and attract future ones. Other competencies include: content marketing, social media, digital automation, lead generation.

Real Estate Investing

Specialized in developer-based property investing in the Philippines, identifying market segments by location, activity and volatility. Created real estate product mapping and product competitiveness, risk and trust index, assessing long-term and short-term value.

Branding Strategy

Assisted companies, programs and individuals articulate their brand, their mission and overall perception through visual identity, strong messaging, communication strategies and values.

Leadership Philosophy

Employee Engagement

Performance management is necessary to establish insights after onboarding new hires. The lack thereof can make or break an effective employee engagement.

Rockstar Sales Team

Individual breakthrough in performance management must be part of the business development strategies. It is a cost-effective benchmark that increases the probability of creating a rockstar sales team.

The 6 Thinking Hats

In dealing with human capital, addressing multiple, overlapping functions requires scaling your scope and level of management. Wearing multiple hats must be part of the leadership culture.


Top condominium seller

2011-2012, Awarded by: Primary Homes Inc.


4th Place, 2011-2012, Awarded by: Primary Homes Inc.

Top division Manager

2018-2020, Top Division, Sales Production, Awarded by: Kwilin Realty


5th Place, 2018-2020, Individual Sales Production, Awarded by: Kwilin Realty

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